Tool and process management

Ideally, precisely calculated periods of time lie between the development, manufacturing and successful series delivery of the tools. In the worst-case scenario, bad parts are delivered, or no parts at all. The management of tools and processes should never be left to chance, but to us.

Our supreme discipline.

Everything in view and under control. From mold-flow observation, evaluation and optimization to process management. We analyze the current drawing status, check tools for functional capability, dimensional accuracy and series maturity, and provide suggestions for improvement for completion, or for the tool concept already in the development process.

Furthermore, we also cover theoretical process management: from the description of the manufacturing processes and requirements, through workplace descriptions – to the validation and implementation of the suggestions. At the same time, we take care of hardware support: in addition to defining the manufacturing process, we accompany the physical set-up, and supervise the implementation of work stations and automation.

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