Supplier management calls for sure instincts.

The basis for a long-term and successful cooperation is trust. It is not uncommon for suppliers to report back on deadlines that they cannot realistically meet. When the traffic lights turn red as the project progresses, valuable time is often wasted on the question of who is at fault instead of finding a solution.

We keep your suppliers on track.

We make sure that system suppliers deliver on time. To this end, we first create a constructive climate of collaboration. With the OEMs as well as with the suppliers. We don’t gloss over anything, we track progress, secure the supply chain and ensure adherence to delivery dates. Fair, but goal-oriented.
We identify bottlenecks at an early stage and initiate preventive measures immediately. In particularly critical situations, we sometimes adopt a somewhat tougher line and bring everyone on course to the best of our knowledge. Always with delivery dates and your project goals in the foreground.

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