We make progress. Not experiments.

For over 10 successful years in the areas of start-up, process, supplier and quality management, we have successfully established ourselves as a reliable partner to the automotive industry. Then – as now – our focus is on uncompromising quality, needs-based solutions and efficient, scalable implementation. We leave nothing to chance. Our team consists exclusively of experienced engineers with comprehensive technical expertise. What counts is the result. We have long recognized that when every minute counts, there is no room for mistakes.

From tool experts to project management

Partners from day one.

The decision to found the company was made in 2009 – on a night shift – during the completion of a time-critical tool. In preliminary talks, the first customer, Porsche, had already signaled: “If you can do it, we’re on.” 
A short time later, we were also able to win over VW as a partner. And, within a very short timeframe, we have developed into one of the leading companies in the field of project, start-up and quality management. Almost all partners who were with us from the start have remained loyal to us to this day. And many new customers have joined us. There is no doubt about it: the course is set for growth.

We always give 110%. With nothing less than excellence.


DG Projekt stands for top performance. When the starting shot is fired, we put the pedal to the metal. Our team consists exclusively of experienced experts who are accustomed to quickly responding to difficult situations and to efficiently driving the project to its goal. This requires a high degree of commitment and motivation, healthy pragmatism and a lot of flexibility. Because what counts in the end is always the result.

We tell it like it is. And we find the best solution.

Over the years we have received feedback that, in addition to our expertise, we are valued for two things in particular. Firstly, for not mincing our words, even if the truth sometimes hurts. And secondly, for sourcing insight from all those involved and then brainstorming together about what the best solution might look like.

Experience is valuable. Passion is priceless.

Our employees have extensive experience and work with a real passion. They carry a high degree of personal responsibility. Empathy in dealing with discerning personalities is just as much a part of their skillset as professional expertise. We greatly appreciate this. And it is with this in mind that we pay our employees above average while making sure that they stay at their most productive.

With us your project is in good hands.

The minds behind DG project.

Harry Grunwald

Founder DG Projekt
+49 711 596005 38

Specialist in plastic tools & plastic components

Thomas Deuschle

Founder DG Projekt
+49 711 596005 37

Specialist in plastic tools
Tool expert

Social commitment. Always a given for us.


We enjoy the great privilege of being able to live our passion. And we are very grateful. But not everyone has the same opportunities. In order to make a difference within the scope of our possibilities, we regularly support charitable projects. Locally and worldwide.

We also donate to the following Organizations:

  • World Vision Deutschland e.V.
  • Kinder- und Jugendhospizdienst Pusteblume
  • Monkey Cross des RKV Kirchheim unter Teck
  • TSV Schmiden 1902 e.V.
  • DKMS
  • Aktion „Weihnachten im Schuhkarton“
  • Caritasverband für Stuttgart e.V.

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